cloudSME – the European HPC-Cloud-Platform


The unified cloud access and administration platform.
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The cloudSME platform technology was developed in the EU R&D project cloudSME in the Seventh Framework Programme to a bigger part and from its intention it is a European offer focusing on European privacy protection for its users. The commercial spin-off cloudSME aims to offer a multi-sided “Everything-as-a-Service” platform that offers various opportunities to be leveraged by stakeholders from different industries which either consume or sell simulation software.

Software can be deployed, managed & finally consumed in the form of the software as a service (SaaS) modell.

Simulation users

placeit-kl_articleAs an End-user, you will obtain flexible access to  innovative simulation software solutions purchased on the basis of a software as a service (SaaS) model, without making pre-investments into expensive software licenses, hardware or technical consultancy. You can fully concentrate on their business tasks and benefit from the competitive advantage the use of advanced software will bring to your company through a better productivity, a greater innovative capacity and cut costs. Having the opportunity to choose the cloud data shall be processed in, you’ll never lack sovereignty over your data!



Software providers

For technology providers cloudSME will enable new business model opportunities, offering their software or infrastructure through a secure European platform with powerful capabilities:

  • cloudSME_Benefitsprovide your software product in the form of a Software as a Service provision  (SaaS), that can be published and directly executed from the cloudSME App Center.
  • benefit from fast-track deployment & a great variety of cloud integration methods (various APIs, PaaS) that will enable great flexibility for you.
  • seamlessly access heterogeneous commercial and private cloud resources (IaaS) as well as European supercomputing centres (i.e. HLRS (DE), Cineca (IT), ROMEO (FR))
  • discover HPC as a service (HPCaaS) and convenient scalability of applications.
  • choose the right cloud, your or your customers data shall be processed in.
  • Use an awarded platform technology with powerful capabilities that smoothly enables computationally intensive Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulations (MPI support).
  • Benefit from an advanced and proven technology to model workflow solutions.
  • Obtain consulting services from our experts at each step of software integration (for ISVs).

Infrastructure providers

  • obtain a great opportunity to rent your computing and storage resources to customers.
  • receive fees from cloudSME for each transaction that is made on your infrastructure via the platform.

Are you interested in using the cloudSME technology in your company?

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