Attend our free webinar on Software Integration With Docker on cloudSME

Containers revolutionise the way, how server applications are being installed and run. This makes deployment extremely easy and fast. As Docker, which is the probably most famous and so far the best container solution, was enabled on the cloudSME platform, the publication of your software can be managed in the twinkling of an eye.

This free webinar on 12 May will show you:

  • how Docker works on cloudSME
  • how easy the publication and operation of your software can be using the cloudSME platform
  • how easy software can be run on the cloudSME platform

cloudSME offers a cloud service marketplace and management platform that enables your company to distribute web-based services in the field of Modeling and Simulation (MSaaS) and engineering (Industrie 4.0, IoT).

If you’re interested in participating in the webinar, please register here.