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  • COLA Project Meeting London

    From January 30th to the 1st of February the next COLA Project Meeting took place in London and was hosted by Dr. Tamas Kiss, Project Director of COLA, at the University of Westminster.

    Dr. Tamas Kiss (UoW) wit Anna Shevchenko (ScaleTolos) at the London Meeting

    The main goal of the meeting was to align the requirements of the use-case and application partners with the next iterations from the technical development teams.

    The event was opened by a welcome speech from Dr. Tamas Kiss providing an overview of the current status of the project’s work packages and the overall accomplishments already achieved. Following that, partners from all use-case and application teams gave presentations about current status of the use-cases and an outlook to upcoming tasks.

    The more than 20 partners attending the gathering achieved a comprehensive follow-up on the technical planning and integration and in preparing the next releases of Project COLA’s cloud computing orchestration platform MiCADO.

  • High performance batch-services for your homepage


    Batch-services are non-interactive processes, the program receives a “batch” of inputs and executes a series of jobs without manual intervention. The output is provided in form of a file or in a database.

    HPC interface for your WordPress homepage

    The developed WordPress Plug-In can create a customized interface on websites to connect batch-services with the capabilities of the cloudSME platform. The batch-services can be seamlessly executed, every step of execution can be surveyed and the result is provided as a download. By reducing the consumption of resources in the most effective way, on demand, it lowers the barriers of cloud computing and creates a cost-efficient and secure opportunity for small and medium enterprises to increase competitiveness, without taking high investments for hardware and maintenance.

    Technical insights

    The plugin communicates, encrypted by SSL, with the cloudSME platform using a REST API to establish a direct connection channel between the website and the cloudSME platform for data transmission. Classic batch-services, such as rendering 3D animations with Blender, a CFD simulation or other computer intensive applications, can be executed from the vendor´s website (or any other website) supported by HPC resources. Every software, that follows classic batch principles and is deployed on the cloudSME-platform, can be executed by the WordPress plug-in and data is fully protected by SSL encryption.
    The plug-in can be used with cloudSME platform-accounts and gives the opportunity to provide a desired software for customer and/or employees on company websites, without installing the software on a wide range of computers.
    The configuration of the plug-in is quickly made. By using CSS3 the plug-in can be seamlessly integrated into mostly every WordPress theme and there is also the ability for admin-accounts to customize the cloudSME HPC plug-in.

    How does the HPC plug-in communicate?




    Ben, our technical project assistant is available for your support and happy to answer your questions.


  • networker NRW – IT association

    cloudSME joined the association networker NRW

    The networker NRW is an IT association, they connect more than 175 members in North Rhine-Westphalia that are all experts in the IT sector. Even for experts the IT sector is high complex, the knowledge in the IT sector doubles every 18 months. It is a challenge to have an overview over the actual state of affairs even for experts.

    The events organized by networker NRW dealing with IT-security and other themes around IT – these events create additional value for every member as well as for the society. Only some of the events are open to the public.

    That is the reason for cloudSME to join associations is the opportunity to network, intercommunication, exchange knowledge and create sustainable growth for every member.

    Homepage networker NRW: www.networker.nrw

  • Connected Industry 4.0 – cloudSME presents at TECNARA networking fair

    cloudSME presents insight of its innovative capabilities at the TECNARA networking fair “El corto plazo de negocio: Industria 4.0” at the 27th October 2016 in Zaragoza

    tecnara_logocloudSME is invited by TECNARA to present its innovative capabilities and its daily business at the networking fair. The theme of the networking fair is all round about the “Connected Industry 4.0” and its future. How will the production change by the impact of Industry 4.0 within the next years?

    Industry 4.0 will transform the connectivity and interaction of design, manufacture, operation and the service of products and production systems – these will lead to a significant increase in the efficiency by approx. 25% and its velocity by approx. 30% of future production systems and create a new understanding of mass customization. (The Boston Consulting Group – Industry 4.0)

    TECNARA is the IT, Telecommunication and Computer cluster of companies in the Aragón state, Spain. It was founded as a non-profit commercial association in 1986, changed his focus to innovation in 2009 and establishes as regional cluster in 2011. TECNARA promotes some clustering specialised projects in the most challenging IT areas and has been qualified “Bronze Level” for their management quality by ESCA, the European observatory for the cluster management. (http://tecnara.es/)



  • New User Story: IC Engine Simulation via Cloud

    Slide 1Virtual engineering combining physico-chemical and advanced statistical algorithms provides a costeffective means to optimise the design and integration of technologies aimed at the development of modern, low-emission energyconversion powertrains for vehicular and stationary power generation applications.

    Simulation of practical fuels and IC engines through Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

    Using the SRM Engine Suite software via a cloudbased simulation platform

    SRM Engine Suite software implemented and tested on multiple clouds through the CloudSME Platform • The CloudSME Platform used to demonstrate the simulation of a dual-fuelled (natural gas +diesel) IC engine • Sensitivity of combustion characteristics to operating parameter sweeps in fuel-substitution ratio, intake manifold temperatures/pressures

    Please read full PDF here CMCL

  • Attend our free webinar on Software Integration With Docker on cloudSME

    Containers revolutionise the way, how server applications are being installed and run. This makes deployment extremely easy and fast. As Docker, which is the probably most famous and so far the best container solution, was enabled on the cloudSME platform, the publication of your software can be managed in the twinkling of an eye.

    This free webinar on 12 May will show you:

    • how Docker works on cloudSME
    • how easy the publication and operation of your software can be using the cloudSME platform
    • how easy software can be run on the cloudSME platform

    cloudSME offers a cloud service marketplace and management platform that enables your company to distribute web-based services in the field of Modeling and Simulation (MSaaS) and engineering (Industrie 4.0, IoT).

    If you’re interested in participating in the webinar, please register here.

  • cloudSME start-up – from EU project to company!

    We are a company now and cannot wait to start up!  At the end of the EC funded R&D project “cloudSME”, partners decided to extend their partnership to the future. After some discussions the shareholder and company structure was decided and became reality. The company was set-up in Duisburg Germany, but has already bases in Great Britain, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Germany and EU associated countries like Switzerland and Turkey who bring in their know-how. Our office in Duisburg is operated by CEO Andreas Ocklenburg and Andrea Hanninger. Both worked on the project during last 3 years together with shareholder and member of Advisory Board. The Advisory Board is chaired by Dr. Tamas Kiss (Universitiy of Westminster, London).

    Current members are:

    Prof. Dr. Péter Kacsuk (Head of the Research Laboratory of the Parallel and Distributed Systems, MTA-SZTAKI, Budapest, Hungary)
    Dr Simon J E Taylor (Leader of the Modelling & Simulation Group (MSG), Brunel University London)
    Prof. Dr. Stephen Winter, (Universitiy of Westminster, London)
    Giuseppe Padula Mech Eng, MBA (Director of Innovation, University of Republic of San Marino-IUAV Venezia, Italy)
    Dr. Mark Elder, founder of Simul8 Ltd, Glasgow, UK)
    José Manuel Martín, (R&D, Technology Transfer at Inycom, Zaragossa, Spain)
    Nicola Fantini (CEO Cloudbroker GmbH, Zürich, Suisse)
    Dr. Ulrich Heck (CEO DHCE-Tools, Krefeld, Germany)

    If you want to learn more about cloudSME services, just contact one of our international experts!

    They will be happy to answer your questions!


  • cloudSME baseline technology ranked as No. 1 EU innovation in 2015

    In a recent Study in 2015 the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission evaluated 517 innovations in information and communication technology (ICT) from 279 FP7 and H2020 EU projects and rated the cloudSME baseline technology – namely the CloudBroker Platform – as the best innovation among them. Projects were examined regarding their innovation readiness, innovation management and market potential.

    The Cloudbroker platform is one of the key technology components of the platform that enables the deployment and execution of compute-intensive applications on different clouds, and widely automates user, software, resource, job, and invoice management. It was constantly improved and adapted to project requirements in the project by CloudBroker and ScaleTools, two Swiss companies that were partners of the project.

    The cloudSME project was funded by the EU, in order to implement a scalable platform offering simulation software as a service for manufacturing end engineering SMEs.

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