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The software you sell is quite computational intensive and how to deal with high processing loads is a major question for your customers?
Get rid of this problem using cloudSME technology and benefit from seamless scalability of your application. Cloud integration will enable you to offer HPC as an additional Service to your software.
Using the cloudSME platform which enables seamless access to various clouds (private, commercial, academic) Software vendors, value added resellers or specialised consulting companies will find various business modell options, including new ways to market their software, selling additional services or finding new collaborations.

The level of integration (through API, embedding of components,…) onto cloudSME can be selected by simulation software vendor / provider. Therefore have a look at the following examples, already used by cloudSME customers:

  1. Either you implement a specialised “one-stop-shop” for a specific company or industry, which means that your simulation application will be suitable for a large number of end-users (or a special company) purchasing it in the form of a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Your specialised “one-stop-shop” can be advertised via domain specific channels, but can also be directly linked to the CloudSME AppCenter.
  2. Or maybe you rather like to market your software in the traditional way, but being backed by powerful HPC capabilities all the time? In this case you may prefer the implementation of a cloud extension to your desktop simulation package, which means that you extend your desktop simulation product with built-in cloud access via the CloudSME simulation platform (installed product includes direct access to the CloudSME simulation platform and offers the capability to accelerate simulation on the cloud on-demand, the provision of the software on cloudSME (download) is optional).
  3. Or you want to set-up your software very quickly and allow for direct application execution from the CloudSME AppCenter? In this case, no specific new website needed, the offered capabilities of the CloudSME AppCenter are utilised and you can use the cloudSME AppCenter as a centrally marketed distribution channel. Your benefits: setting up the offering is quicker and it requires much less resources for the start!

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