cloudSME established Cluster-on-Demand

Fast and cost efficient Cluster-on-Demand solution for the Linz Centre of Mechatronics (LCM) created by cloudSME.

logo_RZ_varThe demand of High Performance Computing (HPC)-resources is steadily increasing as well as the demand to calculate simulations effectively. To meet these demand, cloudSME established a Cluster-on-Demand and a related demonstrator, within in the scope of their developed multicloud-platform. It enables user to access flexible HPC-resources, chosen via mouse click.

The software-tool SyMSpace, provided by LCM, is a tool that can be used for the sketch and optimization of drive systems. SyMSpace provide the opportunity to work with simulation based-optimization without pretending a specific simulation software. While running a process of optimization there is the need to solve more than a hundred thousand individual calculations.

lcm-cluster-screen1The demonstrator SyMSpace-Cluster-on-Demand enables user to create a cluster with one mouse click in the cloud, which solves the calculations effectively. Afterwards the cluster can be parked, deleted or reused – if new demand arises.

cloudSME UG is an international startup, founded in the beginning of 2016. The startup is a spin-off of a European Research project (FP7) and provides a European multi-cloud platform with associated app-center, to ensure the velocity of the simulations it uses the resources of supercomputing centers. cloudSME enables small and medium enterprises (SME) to access cloud- and HPC-resources without high investments, and the opportunity to solve calculations of processes or simulations very fast, cost-transparent and effectively. (

The Linz Center of Mechatronics (LCM) was founded in 2001, its daily operations are research and development in the field of mechatronics. They deal with scientific research up to ready solutions and products, e.g. the software-tool SyMSpace. (

Dr. Siegfried Silber
Linz Center of Mechatronics GmbH
Tel.: +43 732 2468-6002