CodeCamp Budapest Meeting

Andreas Ocklenburg, the cloudSME CEO, participated in the Cloudifactoring CodeCamp meeting, which took place in the installations of the Laboratory of Parallel and Distributed Systems (Sztaki) in Budapest, Hungary from January 23rd.-25th.

Robert Lovas from MTA-Sztaki

Robert Lovas from MTA-Sztaki

The meeting started with a welcome speech from Robert Lovas, the Deputy Head from the LPDS Staki and the organizer of the event. Various speakers from different countries shared their experiences on using the technologies available in the platform.

The second day, it was focused on different technologies needed for each experiment who took part in the event. In the afternoon, the CloudiFacturing technical meeting took place.

On the last day of CodeCamp, the participants were able to share their experiences and allowed technical and non-technical discussions as well as sharing their experiences with the experiments partners.

We want to thank Robert Lovas, who organized the event and we appreciate everyone’s assistance to this successful meeting!

To contribute to a new Innovation Action besides Project COLA is for us at cloudSME highly relevant. Our company is committed to the vision that the European economy and its SMEs can grow sustainable and benefit from each other in a framework like the Horizon 2020. cloudSME is responsible for the Work-Package No. 7 that deals with the Impact and Commercialization of CloudiFacturing.