• Associated partner of ruhrvalley

    We are glad to announce that cloudSME is associated partner of the ruhrvalley.
    Have a closer look at the ruhrvalley!

    The ruhrvalley is a R&D association for innovations that are useful for our society and is connected to companies and universities in the Ruhr area of Germany.
    cloudSME loves to support other innovations, startups, SMEs as well as the wealth of our society – that is the reason to invest into cooperation and partnerships.

    We are looking forward for a successful partnership and further development with the ruhrvalley.


    Commissioner Oettinger meets cloudSME and COLA

    The commissioner Oettinger visited cloudSME and COLA at the booth of the HANNOVER MESSE – he was very interested in our awarded technology and the objectives of cloudSME together with the innovation action COLA.

    Here are some expressions of the meetup:


  • networker NRW – IT association

    cloudSME joined the association networker NRW

    The networker NRW is an IT association, they connect more than 175 members in North Rhine-Westphalia that are all experts in the IT sector. Even for experts the IT sector is high complex, the knowledge in the IT sector doubles every 18 months. It is a challenge to have an overview over the actual state of affairs even for experts.

    The events organized by networker NRW dealing with IT-security and other themes around IT – these events create additional value for every member as well as for the society. Only some of the events are open to the public.

    That is the reason for cloudSME to join associations is the opportunity to network, intercommunication, exchange knowledge and create sustainable growth for every member.

    Homepage networker NRW: www.networker.nrw

  • Dynamic and safe in the cloud

    German startup cloudSME presents European Innovation Action COLA at the HANNOVER MESSE 2017

    European Innovation Action COLA (Cloud Orchestration at the Level of Application – www.project-cola.eu) develops reference implementations of a generic and pluggable framework that supports the optimal, secure deployment and run-time orchestration of cloud applications on the cloudSME multi-cloud platform.

    cloudSME, one of the core partners of COLA, will demonstrate several use cases which illustrate the feasibility of COLA’s cloud technology in the areas of simulation based evacuation modelling,  and social and open data analysis to develop and improve public services.

    COLA’s objective is to develop a generic open-source toolkit, called MiCADO (Microservice-based Cloud Application-level Dynamic Orchestrator) that facilitates the automatic scalability of applications with improved security in the cloud.

    MiCADO Services enable a wide range of applications to auto-scale the resources needed in a dynamic and efficient way. The well-defined interfaces of MiCADO  facilitate its seamless integration into existing applications without major reengineering of the applications’ original code. MiCADO provides full control for its operators by automatically enforcing user-defined quality of service parameters. If needed, the application can scale its resources up or down to guarantee optimal execution and efficient resource utilization. MiCADO will enable application developers in the private and public sectors to create cloud-aware, adaptive and secure applications without getting lost in the low level details of cloud computing.

    cloudSME, a European startup and Competence Center for cloud-based HPC simulation, has developed a European cloud-based one-stop-shop solution to provide a scalable platform for small and large scale simulations. The cloudSME Simulation Platform is linked with more than 20 cloud infrastructures and HPC centers in Europe and supports end-user SMEs to utilize customized simulation applications in the form of SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) based provision. Furthermore, simulation software providers and consulting companies have access to a PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) solution to quickly assemble custom simulation applications in the cloud for their clients. Simulations facilitate optimization and as a consequence enable companies to improve their competitiveness and enhance their workflows and services efficiently.

    cloudSME will attend the HANNOVER MESSE 2017 from the 24th to 28th April at hall 3, booth E02 with the COLA project and other projects of the European I4MS initiative.

  • German Press Release: Projekt COLA – Europäisches Forschungsprojekt zu skalierenden Cloud-Computing-Anwendungen startet

    Das Kickoff-Meeting des Projektes COLA (Cloud Orchestration at the Level of Application) fand vom 25.- 27. Januar 2017 auf Einladung des Projektkoordinators Dr. Tamas Kiss von der University of Westminster in London statt. Es kamen 30 Vertreter von 11 KMUs und 3 Universitäten aus ganz Europa zusammen, um die strategische Entwicklung und Ziele von COLA zu diskutieren.

    COLA ist eine Innovation Action [Projekt ID: 731574], die durch Europäische Kommission im Rahmen des HORIZON2020 Programms über 30 Monate von Januar 2017 bis Juni 2019 gefördert wird.

    Cloud-Computing Services entwickeln sich schnell und der Mehrwert für öffentliche Institutionen und Unternehmen wird zunehmend deutlicher. Insbesondere KMUs (kleinen und mittelständischen Unternehmen) bietet sich dabei die Möglichkeit, per SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) auf Dienste von verschiedenen Anbietern zuzugreifen, anstatt selbst in Hardware, Software und dessen Wartung zu investieren. Cloud-Computing wird so bezahlbar, Sicherheitsbedenken und geringe Flexibilität verhindern jedoch oftmals noch einen breiteren Einsatz.

    Das neu gestartete Europäische Forschungsprojekt COLA entwickelt – basierend auf Open-Source Ansätzen – eine flexible Software-Architektur, um Cloud-Services skalierbar und sicher über Multi-Cloud-Plattformen zu nutzen. Das Forschungsprojekt COLA wird mittels einer offenen Software-Architektur an Anwendungsfällen demonstrieren, wie Cloud-Technologie in Bereichen wie Notfall-Evakuierungen, technischer Simulation und Modellierung und Analyse von öffentlichen Daten zum Einsatz kommen kann.

    Download der Pressemitteilung hier oder im Media Center mit Image Library.

  • Innovation Action “COLA” – cloudSME faces new challenges

    Cloud Orchestration at the Level of Application (COLA)

    cloudSME faces new challenge in cooperation with 10 other SMEs and 3 Universities spread in Europe

    Nowadays cloud computing is more common and the need to use cloud computing in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as well as in public organizations rapidly increase. The additional value for SMEs is obvious – there is no longer the need to make large investments with long term operational costs, instead they can use cloud based services on demand to meet their needs effectively and cost efficient. On the other hand the take up of cloud computing by SMEs and the public sector is still relatively low due to limited application-level flexibility and also security concerns, the new project “COLA” aims to increase the security, usability and flexibility of cloud based services.

    The Cloud Orchestration at the Level of Application (COLA) Innovation Action [project ID: 731574] aims to increase the adoption of cloud computing services by the above mentioned two strategic target communities, SMEs & public sector. Typical industry- and public- sector applications require resource scalability and efficient resource utilization in order to serve a variable number of customers with dynamic resource demands, and to suitably optimize resource consumption and costs.

    The overall objective of the COLA project is that by building on and extending current research results, it will define and provide a reference implementation of a generic and pluggable framework that supports the optimal and secure deployment and run-time orchestration of cloud applications.

    COLA will demonstrate the applicability and impact of the solution via large scale near operational level SME and public sector pilots and demonstrators, and will also define a clear pathway how the innovation can be delivered to the market. The Innovation Action “COLA” will start at January 1st and will run for 30 months.

    The “COLA” project is an Innovation Action, initiated by the European Commission and part of the Horizon2020. The project team of “COLA” includes 14 companies out of 6 different countries from Europe, including the United Kingdom, Hungary, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain and Germany. The coordinator of the “COLA” project is Dr. Tamas Kiss, University of Westminster (UK), the University of Westminster already coordinated the cloudSME FP7 research project.

    The University of Westminster (www.westminster.ac.uk) is a public research university in London, United Kingdom. Westminster’s academic activities are organised into seven faculties and schools, within which there are around 45 departments. The University of Westminster will be represented in the consortium by the Research Centre for Parallel Computing (CPC), a distinguished and recognised university research centre. The CPC has two missions. First, it is a centre of excellence in high-performance parallel computing. Second, it collaborates and supports research and industry communities and teams within and outside the University to create and run scientific and commercial applications on computing infrastructures.


  • cloudSME is looking for support – new jobs available

    cloudSME is looking for new employeesfinal-logo_transp

    We are looking for new employees that support our team in Duisburg!

    You are looking for new opportunities and challenges? Join our team and proof it!

    Some facts about cloudSME:

    • International startup, founded in Jan. 2016
    • Spin-off of an European Research project (FP7; cloudsme.eu)
    • Provide a European multi-cloud platform incl. HPC-resources with associated app-centre
    • enables SMEs to access cloud- and HPC-resources on demand and the opportunity to solve calculations of processes or simulations very fast, cost-transparent and effectively


    • Successful Bachelor/Master degree
    • Language-skills: English – C; German – not necessarily, but favourable
    • Vision & Innovation affinity
    • Good Communication skills
    • B2B relationship- & Project management
    • Affinity for cloud technology or willingness to get in touch with it

    Allocated tasks:

    Is the support of…

    …Marketing communications incl. website, newsletter, social media

    …the creation of abstracts, deliverables, academic paper

    We are searching a fulltime employee (40hrs/week) or halftime (20hrs/week), that supports the growth of the startup.


    Start of work: January 1st 2017 or February 1st 2017

    Interested candidates should send their resume and cover letter to application@cloudsme.eu

    cloudSME UG, represented by Andreas Ocklenburg (CEO)


  • cloudSME established Cluster-on-Demand

    Fast and cost efficient Cluster-on-Demand solution for the Linz Centre of Mechatronics (LCM) created by cloudSME.

    logo_RZ_varThe demand of High Performance Computing (HPC)-resources is steadily increasing as well as the demand to calculate simulations effectively. To meet these demand, cloudSME established a Cluster-on-Demand and a related demonstrator, within in the scope of their developed multicloud-platform. It enables user to access flexible HPC-resources, chosen via mouse click.

    The software-tool SyMSpace, provided by LCM, is a tool that can be used for the sketch and optimization of drive systems. SyMSpace provide the opportunity to work with simulation based-optimization without pretending a specific simulation software. While running a process of optimization there is the need to solve more than a hundred thousand individual calculations.

    lcm-cluster-screen1The demonstrator SyMSpace-Cluster-on-Demand enables user to create a cluster with one mouse click in the cloud, which solves the calculations effectively. Afterwards the cluster can be parked, deleted or reused – if new demand arises.

    cloudSME UG is an international startup, founded in the beginning of 2016. The startup is a spin-off of a European Research project (FP7) and provides a European multi-cloud platform with associated app-center, to ensure the velocity of the simulations it uses the resources of supercomputing centers. cloudSME enables small and medium enterprises (SME) to access cloud- and HPC-resources without high investments, and the opportunity to solve calculations of processes or simulations very fast, cost-transparent and effectively. (www.cloudsme-apps.com)

    The Linz Center of Mechatronics (LCM) was founded in 2001, its daily operations are research and development in the field of mechatronics. They deal with scientific research up to ready solutions and products, e.g. the software-tool SyMSpace. (www.lcm.at)

    Dr. Siegfried Silber
    Linz Center of Mechatronics GmbH
    Tel.: +43 732 2468-6002


  • Connected Industry 4.0 – cloudSME presents at TECNARA networking fair

    cloudSME presents insight of its innovative capabilities at the TECNARA networking fair “El corto plazo de negocio: Industria 4.0” at the 27th October 2016 in Zaragoza

    tecnara_logocloudSME is invited by TECNARA to present its innovative capabilities and its daily business at the networking fair. The theme of the networking fair is all round about the “Connected Industry 4.0” and its future. How will the production change by the impact of Industry 4.0 within the next years?

    Industry 4.0 will transform the connectivity and interaction of design, manufacture, operation and the service of products and production systems – these will lead to a significant increase in the efficiency by approx. 25% and its velocity by approx. 30% of future production systems and create a new understanding of mass customization. (The Boston Consulting Group – Industry 4.0)

    TECNARA is the IT, Telecommunication and Computer cluster of companies in the Aragón state, Spain. It was founded as a non-profit commercial association in 1986, changed his focus to innovation in 2009 and establishes as regional cluster in 2011. TECNARA promotes some clustering specialised projects in the most challenging IT areas and has been qualified “Bronze Level” for their management quality by ESCA, the European observatory for the cluster management. (http://tecnara.es/)



  • EGI join forces with cloudSME

    from left to right: Tamas Kiss, Chair of Advisory Board of CloudSME Andreas Andreas Ocklenburg, CEO of CloudSME Yannick Legré, Managing Director of the EGI Foundation

    egiLOGOCloudSME is pleased to announce a formal collaboration with EGI. EGI is a Dutch non profit association and delivers integrated computing services to European researchers, driving innovation and enabling new solutions to answer the big questions of tomorrow.

    The EGI federation brings together more than 350 data centres worldwide and also includes the largest community cloud federation in Europe with 21 cloud providers across 12 European countries offering IaaS cloud and storage services. EGI offering includes a federated IaaS cloud to run compute- or data-intensive tasks and host online services in virtual machines or docker containers on IT resources accessible via a uniform interface.

    From ltr: Tamas Kiss, Chair of Advisory Board of CloudSME, Andreas Ocklenburg, CEO of CloudSME, Yannick Legré, Managing Director of the EGI Foundation

    From ltr: Tamas Kiss, Chair of Advisory Board of CloudSME, Andreas Ocklenburg, CEO of CloudSME, Yannick Legré, Managing Director of the EGI Foundation

    Andreas Ocklenburg, CEO of CloudSME, underlines this importance: “Our software vendor, value added reseller and manufacturing SME customers will be able to get access to a large resource pool as well as to the vast technical expertise that EGI represents. Collaborating with EGI will further strengthen CloudSME’s position towards the academic and research community and our customers will receive even higher level of computing resources, expertise and support than before”.

    Six EGI cloud providers, together with a large research community, will support the objectives of the agreement to integrate the EGI FedCloud with the CloudSME cloud-based simulation platform. Efforts are supported through EGI’s Business Engagement Programme that aims to support SMEs with sustainable distributed computing services needed for their work.

    Yannick Legré, Managing Director of the EGI Foundation, comments on the collaboration: “Serving European SMEs and supporting their research and innovation is at the heart of EGI’s mission thanks to the dedication of all its participants”.

    The CloudSME UG platform lowers barriers such as hardware and license costs, and access to expertise by developing a cloud-based, one-stop-shop simulation software platform solution, thus enabling much wider take-up of simulation software technologies by engineering and manufacturing.

    The EGI – CloudSME UG partnership aims to:

    • Integrate the EGI FedCloud with the CloudSME cloud-based simulation platform (e.g. via OpenStack, OpenNebula)
    • Leverage the EGI Business Engagement Programme to support CloudSME customers in research, investigation, and development phases.
    • Establish longer-term business relationships based on initial proof of concepts.

    Visit www.egi.eu


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