• Success Story: MagOpt software tool cloudified by cloudSME

    Customized solution for Linz Center of Mechatronics is


    Through last year, cloudSME developed a cluster-on-demand portal for the Linz Center of Mechatronics to support their software with high performant computing power and the flexibility of cloud computing. The trial phase is getting to its end and the first trainings for the usage of the portal are planned – first end user of LCM are getting ready to improve their designs of drive systems supported by the power of cloud computing.

    MagOpt by LCM

    LCM offers a tool for the design and optimization of drive systems – in modern drive systems, there are a variety of parameters, from geometrical and material parameters to electrical variables for optimum control. MagOpt offers the possibility to automate the optimization process and decouple it from the simulation software.

    Ready to create your own succes story?

    Take the chance to cloudify your software with an European multi-cloud-platform and get in contact with us!

    Get to know your opportunities how to improve your software and business processes with customized solutions developed by our European team! We will be happy to show you the benefits of HPC on demand and cloud computing for your company.

    About LCM
    The Linz Center of Mechatronics (LCM) was founded in 2001, its daily operations are research and development in the field of mechatronics. They deal with scientific research up to ready solutions and products, e.g. the software-tool SyMSpace. (www.lcm.at)

    Dr. Siegfried Silber
    Linz Center of Mechatronics GmbH
    Tel.: +43 732 2468-6002

  • Student Associate for Content and Web Production – Job ad

    cloudSME is looking for a student associate that supports the content and web production (10-20hrs./week)


    cloudSME expects you to…

    • … have general interest in cloud computing, Software-as-a-Service & emerging technologies
    • … produce content and write texts with passion
    • … distribute content on websites and social media profiles
    • … be able to understand complex topics, elaborate, summarize and present it


    cloudSME provides you…

    • … above average compensation
    • … flexible timetable
    • … qualitative network including researcher, developer, companies and scientific managers
    • … interesting challenges in the framework of the EU Research and Innovation Programme Horizon 2020
    • … space for personal development as well as future-oriented development of the startup



    Send your application to application@cloudsme.eu for the attention of Mr. Ocklenburg including:

    • CV + actual picture
    • School certificate
    • Evidence of your academic performance
    • Job references (if available)


    ABOUT cloudSME cloudSME was founded in 2016 – the cloudSME team includes right now 2 student associates of the Rhine-Waal University of Applied Science working in the areas of Marketing and Technical Project Support.
    Our core competencies extend from software defined middleware, cloud-services on demand and how to optimize business model’s trough digitalization to consulting in the areas of innovation and marketing. Additional to the support through the process, we ensure optimal and efficient resource consumption by providing a secure and scalable European multi-cloud platform. Software developer can rapidly prototype their software as well as to implement it. Software can be easily offered to end-user by deploying the software on the multi-cloud platform.

    cloudSME is core partner of the Innovation Actions Project COLA (Cloud Orchestration at the Level of Application) and CloudiFacturing.

  • Next dimension of cloudification

    cloudSME is core partner of the new Innovation Action CloudiFacturing.

    Cloudification of Production Engineering for Predictive Digital Manufacturing

    Kick-off Meeting CloudiFacturing at IGD Fraunhofer in Darmstadt

    We are glad to announce that we are partner of the recently started Innovation Action CloudiFacturing that is funded with €8.7 million by the Horizon 2020 EU Research and Innovation Programme and coordinated by Prof. Dr.-Ing. André Stork (IGD Fraunhofer in Darmstadt).

    To contribute to a new Innovation Action besides Project COLA is for us at cloudSME highly relevant. Our company is committed to the vision that the European economy and its SMEs can grow sustainable and benefit from each other in a framework like the Horizon 2020. cloudSME is responsible for the Work-Package No. 7 that deals with the Impact and Commercialization of CloudiFacturing.

    Innovation Action CloudiFacturing

    The mission of CloudiFacturing is to optimize production processes and producibility using Cloud/HPC-based modeling and simulation, leaveraging online factory data and advanced data analytics, thus contributing to the competitiveness and resource efficiency of manufacturing SMEs, ultimately fostering the vision of Factories 4.0 and the circular economy.

    A single point of access will conflate the cloud-based technology offerings of the startups clesgo and cloudSME. CloudiFacturings Digital Marketplace will support manufacturing SMEs to compute and solve CPU-intensive workflows that cannot be tackled without cloud and/or HPC technology. Consequently, SMEs can become more competitive by reducing development times for innovative products with better performance

    Open Calls of CloudiFacturing

    CloudiFacturing will empower over 60 European organizations (many of them being manufacturing SMEs) and will support about 20 cross-national application experiments that will primarily be selected via two Open Calls. Parties interested in the Open Calls can contact us from now on. The responsible person for the Application Experiments run in the Open Call scheme is Tamas Kiss from University of Westminster (T.Kiss@westminster.ac.uk).

    Project Coordinator:

    Prof. Dr.-Ing. André Stork
    Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics Research IGD
    Fraunhoferstraße 5
    64283 Darmstadt
    +49 6151 155 496


  • 2nd Project COLA Team-Meeting

    The second Project COLA meeting took place in Krakow, Poland.

    The team presented the work packages and discussed further challenges and opportunities of the project and its use cases – the team meeting included 30 representatives of 11 SMEs and 3 universities from all over Europe.
    Next to the use case and work package presentations the team members held several workshops on business models and value proposition canvan to focus the future direction of Project COLA.

    cloudSME use case

    Andreas Ocklenburg presented the typo3 cluster made simple by HKN (located in Krefeld) and Rheinschafe (located in Duisburg).

  • High performance batch-services for your homepage


    Batch-services are non-interactive processes, the program receives a “batch” of inputs and executes a series of jobs without manual intervention. The output is provided in form of a file or in a database.

    HPC interface for your WordPress homepage

    The developed WordPress Plug-In can create a customized interface on websites to connect batch-services with the capabilities of the cloudSME platform. The batch-services can be seamlessly executed, every step of execution can be surveyed and the result is provided as a download. By reducing the consumption of resources in the most effective way, on demand, it lowers the barriers of cloud computing and creates a cost-efficient and secure opportunity for small and medium enterprises to increase competitiveness, without taking high investments for hardware and maintenance.

    Technical insights

    The plugin communicates, encrypted by SSL, with the cloudSME platform using a REST API to establish a direct connection channel between the website and the cloudSME platform for data transmission. Classic batch-services, such as rendering 3D animations with Blender, a CFD simulation or other computer intensive applications, can be executed from the vendor´s website (or any other website) supported by HPC resources. Every software, that follows classic batch principles and is deployed on the cloudSME-platform, can be executed by the WordPress plug-in and data is fully protected by SSL encryption.
    The plug-in can be used with cloudSME platform-accounts and gives the opportunity to provide a desired software for customer and/or employees on company websites, without installing the software on a wide range of computers.
    The configuration of the plug-in is quickly made. By using CSS3 the plug-in can be seamlessly integrated into mostly every WordPress theme and there is also the ability for admin-accounts to customize the cloudSME HPC plug-in.

    How does the HPC plug-in communicate?




    Ben, our technical project assistant is available for your support and happy to answer your questions.


  • Associated partner of ruhrvalley

    We are glad to announce that cloudSME is associated partner of the ruhrvalley.
    Have a closer look at the ruhrvalley!

    The ruhrvalley is a R&D association for innovations that are useful for our society and is connected to companies and universities in the Ruhr area of Germany.
    cloudSME loves to support other innovations, startups, SMEs as well as the wealth of our society – that is the reason to invest into cooperation and partnerships.

    We are looking forward for a successful partnership and further development with the ruhrvalley.


    Commissioner Oettinger meets cloudSME and COLA

    The commissioner Oettinger visited cloudSME and COLA at the booth of the HANNOVER MESSE – he was very interested in our awarded technology and the objectives of cloudSME together with the innovation action COLA.

    Here are some expressions of the meetup:


  • networker NRW – IT association

    cloudSME joined the association networker NRW

    The networker NRW is an IT association, they connect more than 175 members in North Rhine-Westphalia that are all experts in the IT sector. Even for experts the IT sector is high complex, the knowledge in the IT sector doubles every 18 months. It is a challenge to have an overview over the actual state of affairs even for experts.

    The events organized by networker NRW dealing with IT-security and other themes around IT – these events create additional value for every member as well as for the society. Only some of the events are open to the public.

    That is the reason for cloudSME to join associations is the opportunity to network, intercommunication, exchange knowledge and create sustainable growth for every member.

    Homepage networker NRW: www.networker.nrw

  • Dynamic and safe in the cloud

    German startup cloudSME presents European Innovation Action COLA at the HANNOVER MESSE 2017

    European Innovation Action COLA (Cloud Orchestration at the Level of Application – www.project-cola.eu) develops reference implementations of a generic and pluggable framework that supports the optimal, secure deployment and run-time orchestration of cloud applications on the cloudSME multi-cloud platform.

    cloudSME, one of the core partners of COLA, will demonstrate several use cases which illustrate the feasibility of COLA’s cloud technology in the areas of simulation based evacuation modelling,  and social and open data analysis to develop and improve public services.

    COLA’s objective is to develop a generic open-source toolkit, called MiCADO (Microservice-based Cloud Application-level Dynamic Orchestrator) that facilitates the automatic scalability of applications with improved security in the cloud.

    MiCADO Services enable a wide range of applications to auto-scale the resources needed in a dynamic and efficient way. The well-defined interfaces of MiCADO  facilitate its seamless integration into existing applications without major reengineering of the applications’ original code. MiCADO provides full control for its operators by automatically enforcing user-defined quality of service parameters. If needed, the application can scale its resources up or down to guarantee optimal execution and efficient resource utilization. MiCADO will enable application developers in the private and public sectors to create cloud-aware, adaptive and secure applications without getting lost in the low level details of cloud computing.

    cloudSME, a European startup and Competence Center for cloud-based HPC simulation, has developed a European cloud-based one-stop-shop solution to provide a scalable platform for small and large scale simulations. The cloudSME Simulation Platform is linked with more than 20 cloud infrastructures and HPC centers in Europe and supports end-user SMEs to utilize customized simulation applications in the form of SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) based provision. Furthermore, simulation software providers and consulting companies have access to a PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) solution to quickly assemble custom simulation applications in the cloud for their clients. Simulations facilitate optimization and as a consequence enable companies to improve their competitiveness and enhance their workflows and services efficiently.

    cloudSME will attend the HANNOVER MESSE 2017 from the 24th to 28th April at hall 3, booth E02 with the COLA project and other projects of the European I4MS initiative.

  • German Press Release: Projekt COLA – Europäisches Forschungsprojekt zu skalierenden Cloud-Computing-Anwendungen startet

    Das Kickoff-Meeting des Projektes COLA (Cloud Orchestration at the Level of Application) fand vom 25.- 27. Januar 2017 auf Einladung des Projektkoordinators Dr. Tamas Kiss von der University of Westminster in London statt. Es kamen 30 Vertreter von 11 KMUs und 3 Universitäten aus ganz Europa zusammen, um die strategische Entwicklung und Ziele von COLA zu diskutieren.

    COLA ist eine Innovation Action [Projekt ID: 731574], die durch Europäische Kommission im Rahmen des HORIZON2020 Programms über 30 Monate von Januar 2017 bis Juni 2019 gefördert wird.

    Cloud-Computing Services entwickeln sich schnell und der Mehrwert für öffentliche Institutionen und Unternehmen wird zunehmend deutlicher. Insbesondere KMUs (kleinen und mittelständischen Unternehmen) bietet sich dabei die Möglichkeit, per SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) auf Dienste von verschiedenen Anbietern zuzugreifen, anstatt selbst in Hardware, Software und dessen Wartung zu investieren. Cloud-Computing wird so bezahlbar, Sicherheitsbedenken und geringe Flexibilität verhindern jedoch oftmals noch einen breiteren Einsatz.

    Das neu gestartete Europäische Forschungsprojekt COLA entwickelt – basierend auf Open-Source Ansätzen – eine flexible Software-Architektur, um Cloud-Services skalierbar und sicher über Multi-Cloud-Plattformen zu nutzen. Das Forschungsprojekt COLA wird mittels einer offenen Software-Architektur an Anwendungsfällen demonstrieren, wie Cloud-Technologie in Bereichen wie Notfall-Evakuierungen, technischer Simulation und Modellierung und Analyse von öffentlichen Daten zum Einsatz kommen kann.

    Download der Pressemitteilung hier oder im Media Center mit Image Library.

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