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The platform is the place where your software/ application is deployed and managed. The platform

  • widely automates user, software, resource, job, and invoice management for applications.
  • offers deployment and execution of compute-intensive applications on different clouds and High Performance Computing Centers.

Find out, how to transform your software easily using CloudSME / CloudBroker platform.

First, if you like to access the platform, please get in contact with us:

or use any of our available communication channel. After validation you will receive a mail from our support team with further advice how to register.

For introduction please have a short walk through 2 documents:

In general the platform

  • Provides a Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution to build customised cloud applications
  • Enables simulation software providers to offer Software as a Service (SaaS) simulation solutions
  • Enables companies in the manufacturing and engineering domain to access simulation services
  • Provides seamless access to HPC resources in order to speed up the simulations on-demand
  • Defines generic and concrete business models for SMEs in the manufacturing/engineering sector to facilitate the take-up of cloud-based simulation solutions

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