Model helicopter configuration and optimisation with HPC-based CFD solver

Helicopter_simulation5_ProcEng_Moser_CloudSMEThe market for unmanned areal vehicle systems and drones will increase over the next years.
Using the powerful OpenFOAM based CFD solver on cloudSME, the simulation software provider ProcEng Moser aims to overcome perfomance limitations which are due to their local hardware resources.

Calculating the differential equations from the collisions results in a fundamental database which helps to understand and optimize the helicopters, but requires massive computational power.

The implementation of CFD solver technology in the cloudSME high performance environment will facilitate the use of HPC resources and the conduction of advanced and CPU intensive analysis (e.g. transient simulations).
Therefore, DHCAE Tools provides a graphical user interface (GUI) based multi-purpose CFD/FEA environment for the open source solvers OpenFOAM® and CalculiX, including solver extensions.
The availability of the source code allows specific adaptations of solvers and utilities to the end user’s needs. Customized tools for a convenient job control and solution monitoring will be
made available (runGui).

DHCAE-IntegrationAs software integration on CloudSME offers great variability, DHCAE Tools chose not to set up their cloud-based marketplace this time, but continued to market their software in the traditional way as a desktop applications but including cloudSME HPC-access in the background trough an API. With the OpenFOAM® library, a wide range of CFD application areas is covered, e.g. for mechanical and plant engineering, automotive engineering, aircraft industries etc.

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