Process optimisation for breweries (easy-to-use template solution)*

BeerOpt1 – a craft brewer’s useful assistant!

Always guarantee optimum beer quality & enhance your workflows while you even save money using cloud-based process optimization using BeerOpt1 on the cloudSME platform!


But how does it work and what can be achieved?

Using BeerOpt1 you’ll obtain valuable information about the potential of your business processes. This will enable intelligent decision making towards the improvement of your process and reveal various opportunities for cost savings.

The template solution, based on dicrete event simulation, can be easily used by a small or medium-sized brewery with the typical manufacturing chain.

One of the key quality objectives shared by Craft Brewers is to ensure that their products are consumed in an optimum time window (days), which means that the beer should neither be consumed when it is too young nor too old. When faced with multiple product lines and multiple outlets, some of which may be international, the scheduling of the brewing processes and timely procurement of raw ingredients can be a very complex and time consuming task.

Here a model can be used to understand how intelligent decision making at the dispatch warehouse will maximise quality by maximising the potential for a cask to be opened when the beer that it contains is at its ideal age. As well as improving quality objectives, the model will also provide additional benefits.

Your benefits using BeerOpt1 on cloudSME Grafik_2

  • Easy access to advanced simulation tools: Access an expert software tool without worrying about software licences or hardware costs while you only pay-per-use (Software as a Service (SaaS) model)
  • Reduction of return rate of spoiled beer: The amount of returned product, ullage (spoiled beer), due to beer being outside its optimum time window, reducing operational and handling costs, developing a better understanding of how the repatriation of casks/kegs should be orchestrated to increase the utilisation of casks/kegs.
  • Reduce costs and utilised ressources: This, hence will reduce the capital costs of investments in additional assets as the business grows. Not only money will be saved by better planning of resource allocation. Costs for transportation and the utilisation of warehouse space will be reduced as well.
  • Better understanding of processes: Moreover, the model will provide the ability to experiment with different production schedules to help the brewery to understand how their quality objectives can be underpinned by evaluating what should be brewed and when to ensure that the warehouse has the ideal profile of stock with respect to age and volumes.
  • Competitive advantage: As simulation isn’t widely spread at the moment, breweries can achieve a considerable competitive advantage compared to their competitors, using this process optimisation tool.Additional customter services: The brewery will be able to provide better consultation and planning to their customers.
  • Rely on a secure European technology and choose the cloud you’d like to be your data processed in.


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