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  • Insole customisation for podiatrists

    Design highly customized orthopedic insoles automatically in the cloud or develop a new business model using the “3D Insole Designer” on the CloudSME Platform.

    The case study

    The production of tailored insoles for footwear requires a personal design which can be cost intensive. The other way round, there would be many potential customers of orthopedic insoles, if they would be offered at competitive prices. Because standardized insoles often fail to heal orthopedic diseases, caused by problems with the feet. Unlike, individually designed insoles, which have a perfect fit, will help to stabilise the complete musculoskeletal system.

    By migrating their 3D insole scan & design method, to the CloudSME App Center, Podoactiva, a Spanish biotechnology-based company specialised in podiatry and biomechanics and the software Provider INGECON, found a way to achieve both: address a considerably increased group of customers and cut costs.
    As the duration of the computer aided design (CAD) process is one of the bottlenecks which causes high costs, cloud computing can reduce the computing time needed, allowing the access of High-Performance Computing capabilities and enabling many simultaneous remote user accesses. This will also increase the insoles manufacturing capability.

    3D Insole Design Platform by INGECON©

    Grafik_Poster_casestudy_1-screenshotThe web based “3D Scan Insole Designer“, developed by INGECON in the CloudSME project, is a set of tools which will allow to fully automate and facilitate the computer aided design process while enabling a row of benefits to customers:

    1. After a scan of the foot is made, the scan has just to be uploaded to the Validator on the CloudSME platform.
    2. The user will get back the results immediately and can  – in case of an invalid scan – repeat the procedure.
    3. Immediate validation will avoid rejections and delay in the design.
    4. If the customer wants to have the right shoe as well, he will have the option choose the right shoe modell out of the collection of Base Pro (another CloudSME partner who is currently implementing his solution in the App Center).
    5. Both files can be uploaded then and will be downloaded again in the manufacturer’s office, where the shoe will be produced and automatically sent to the customer (Step 6, 7, 8, & 9).

    Your benefits at a glance!

    For end-users                                                                             

    1. Ubiquity: every user with an internet connection can access the application at any time.
    2. Increase the number of potential customers addressed through the Appcenter.
    3. Immediate validation avoiding rejections and delay in design.
    4. Development of new business model or service for your customers.
    5. No need of skills using CAD programs.
    6. No expenditure and dependency on software licenses.
    7. Better protection of Intellectual Property: It will be possible to run CAD plug-ins remotely during the design process instead of executing them in the PC. This will allow agreements with third party designers without risking the loss of intellectual property and software piracy.

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  • Process optimization for manufacturing

    Discrete Event Simulation software is well established in the armoury of tools used by large manufacturers to increase their efficiency and reduce their costs.  Two constraints that initially makes the tool less attractive to small and medium are the skills required to set up the simulation and the availability of appropriate computing power.

    This special use case implemented a process optimisation tool, suited to the needs of a cutting tools manufacturing company.
    Cutting Tools (www.cut-tools.co.uk) is a manufacturing SME and is a flat-bed tool maker for industry, and provides cutting services for customers. These tools are produced for customers who then use them to perform precision cutting tasks. Customers come from a whole range of industries from automotive, aerospace, medical, pharmaceutical, printing, to shoe making and packaging industries.

    Cutting Tools costs are very high with regard to raw materials such as steel cutting blades and plywood bases for the tool products. In order to enhance their business process management, SIMUL8 and Saker Solutions developed an application which is SIMUL8 is able to run many scenarios of different order types and manufacturing process configurations to provide the optimal vision for the best process efficiency.

    Specifically, the experiment concentrated on 3 key business objectives:

    • Capital Investment Planning – providing the company with a vision for the optimal investments for improving efficiency, throughput and capacity to take on larger orders.
    • Production Planning and optimisation – a vision through cloud-based simulation for the best use of all production resources (staff, machines, and designing).
    • Performance Evidence – Vision to show large customers that the company has the Process Capability to undertake new orders.
    • Save money – Each above mentioned objectives should be reached at an affordable price through the HPC and Simulation software via the Cloud

    C-Tools KopieThis screenshot shows the addition of extra machines at the blade bending process as part of the experiment to look at capital investment planning as a means of reducing the bottlenecks at that process.




    SIMUL8: Mark Elder: Mark.E@SIMUL8.com; www.simul8.com
    Saker Solutions: Shane Kite: Shane.Kite@sakersolutions.com; www.sakersolutions.com
    Cutting Tools: David Robinson: robinson@cut-tools.co.uk, Manager; www.cut-tools.co.uk